Social Media is Good Traffic Source for Sites

social media traffic source for sites

High traffic or web traffic is the most bloggers looking for.


Every people know, it’s all about money. Even they are just have fun with blogging, traffic is important too. It will give contentment if a lot of people have read our works (article, photos, design, and etc)

Isn’t it?

But the question is how to get traffic for sites?

Many article said there are two big traffic source to get a lot of visitors. There are search engines and social media. Here i want to talk about social media. Finally people visited my sites through social media, and it’s a top 2 as my traffic source.

I have installed Google Analytics tracking code to monitoring my sites growth. I can find out how many visitors and where they came from. I got 50% from search engines and 40% of my visitors from social media as my referral, such as StumbleUponRedditDiggTwitter, and another else. and the rest is direct visits. Really, when i started using social media, i got nothing. I have been thinking that it just waste a time. I am not receive traffic from there. Until i knew how to optimize social media for sites traffic.

Is Social Media is Good Traffic for Blogs?

Take a look for my traffic graph, before and after. Social media promotion was affected my stats.

sites traffic graph


blogs traffic graph


Now, i got more than 400 visitors/day. And of course it make me happy. Now i got what is the key in social media when i used it as my promotion tools. I say it’s all about Share and Re-share or take and give. And it like karma. When you do a good things, people will do same for you. It’s mean when you sharing people stuffs, people will do same. One of big mistakes when people used social media is they just submitted or voted their own link. They don’t share, submit, or votes for others people. So, don't cheat or stingy when using social media. It’s will be yours traffic source, and soon you will get the benefits from there.

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