How to See FeedBurner Subscriber Email Address

here i supposed promote my new posts? I don’t have audience or subscriber for my new blog. That is always appear in my mind when i was published new posts in my new blog, BloggingTechNews. Maybe it not a problem for somebody who have a blog with a lot of audience or subscriber.

Yes, of course i can submit my posts into social networking, blog directories, forums or something else. But, direct email is still the best way to promote posts. Lucky me, i have still access into my old blog (bloggertemplateplace) FeedBurner account. My old blog have more than 600 subscribers, So, i can get a thousands email address from it.

How? Well, i will share how to get email address from Google FeedBurner Subscriber. Hope it will help you to make large audience. Remember, big audience it same to big opportunity to get value.

How to See FeedBurner Subscriber Email Address

  1. Go to FeedBurner dashboard
  2. Click Publicize tab, and then Email Subcriptions
  3. Scroll down your page. You will see the total subscriber stats. Click on “View Subscriber Details” link.
  4. Now you download subscriber email address into CSV file

What do you think? It’s easy, right?

Once again, it’s not the only way to promote or get your audience. There many ways to make it, like follow people on Facebook or twitter, RSS feed, etc.

One things that you must remember, never share the emails with other people. Keep the identity, and make your audience trust with you.

Do you have easier way to See FeedBurner Subscriber Email Address?

if you’ve another one, please add it to the comments below. please share it with us in the comments, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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