How to Get Traffic for New Sites?

When you have created for new sites, now it’s your time to think about how to get traffic. Maybe it’s an easy think to do for several people who have created sites before. But not for some people who new in this kind, like me.

As you know that all of webmasters looking for a lot of traffic. This can make youget success in blogging. You can get benefit from it, like make or earning money from your sites.

Many ways to bring traffic for your sites. It can be drive traffic from search engine, social media or social networking, referral sites, etc. You can get it when you really utilize and optimize your blogs. Never and ever thinking that you will automatically get traffic when you finished built new sites without doing something. Now i want to share about several things to do when you finished built a new sites to get traffic.

7 Ways Get Traffic for New Sites

  1. Submit your sites into search engine
  2. Submit your sites into social bookmarking sites
  3. Submit your sites into web directories
  4. Announce your sites into forums
  5. Add your sites into mail signature
  6. Leave comments in popular blogs
  7. Asking for link exchange

What do you think? There are just 7 ways to get traffic for news new sites. Many another ways to gain visitor come to your sites. But, i hope it can help you, especially for someone who just start with blogging.

Do you have another ways to get traffic for new sites?

if you’ve got one, please add it to the comments below. Together we can break though this ‘bloggers block’!

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