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    This blog have PR6 with Alexa 5K. Web.AppStorm is part of the Envato network of sites and services. We build awesome blogs like Psdtuts+ and FreelanceSwitch, killer digital goods marketplaces like FlashDen and ThemeForest, as well as provide other services like RockablePress and Creattica.
  2. This blog have PR6 Alexa 1.6K. 1stwebdesigner is a design blog dedicated to bloggers, freelancers, web-developers and designers. We are writing here tutorials, inspiration, discusion/opinion type articles, roundups, case studies, interviews and occasionally even design news.
  3. BloggingTips.Com This blog have PR6 and Alexa 11K. BloggingTips has been online since March 2007. The blog actually started off life at but we were fortunate enough to secure the dot com version of the domain the next month.
  4. FutureNowInc.ComThis blog have PR6 and Alexa 98K. Founded in 1998 by Jeffrey and Bryan Eisenberg, FutureNow is recognized as a leading voice for increasing online conversion rates through continuously improving, data-driven, customer-centric marketing, allowing you to continually improve your website, marketing, and sales goals.
  5. Kikolani.comThis blog have PR5 and Alexa 16K. It is about the art of blogging – blogging tips, social networking strategies, and other useful information to help bloggers become more successful in blogging. Kikolani covers blog marketing, blogging tips, social networking, and much more. Author Kristi Hines is a blogging and social media enthusiast from Scottsdale, Arizona who enjoys photography, tennis, and hiking.
  6. StephanMiller.ComThis blog have PR5 and Alexa 24K. It’s all about development, installation and modification of web site software (especially WordPress, Drupal, PHP and Python), website promotion, tools and techniques for running online businesses, and blogging and writing.
  7. WeBlogBetter.comThis blog have PR4 and Alexa 27K. WeBlogBetter provide tutorial such blogging tips, social media, technology and many else. It help you to make better blogs.
  8. Technologytosoftware.comThis blog have PR4 and Alexa 28K.Technology to Software blog is a completely dedicated to break the latest news on Technology, Software, Social Media, Web Design News, SEO tips and tricks that can make your Internet usage simple and fun.
  9. AriHerzog.ComThis blog have PR4 and Alexa 69K. This blog covers a vast expanse of articles about the social web, from social media marketing to open government.
  10. BlogTap.NetThis blog have PR4 and Alexa 90K. This blog is all about blogging news, tips and resources.
  11. CanIMakeBigMoneyOnline.comThis site PR4 and Alexa 130K. It’s all about making money online and web site optimization (SEO).
  12. TheWaxBlog.comThis blog have PR3 and Alexa 120K. Advice and commentary on marketing, public relations and social media for small business owners, entrepreneurs and authors.
  13. TheCopyPasteBlog.ComThis blog have PR2 and Alexa 30K. This blog is owned by Rahul Banker.
    A 21 year old Blogger from India who loves to write about latest technology buzz, social media, softwares, games, mobile technology, SEO and blogging.

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