Blogger Mistakes When Starting Blogging

Do you still remember my blogging tips about 5 Important Starting Points for Successful Blogging? Yups, The goal is become great blogger. We have big passion to get it, but sometime we does unaware about what we have done. Sometime we do some mistakes when starting blogging. We are too drive our mind, energy and life. There is just “Quick, must be success” in our mind. Yes, Motto is important, We must have a goal in our life. But, slow down babe. It need works and time. There are no instant things. You wouldn’t get a success just with say “bim salabim abrakadabra”.

We are bloggers not machines that are overloaded with work, try to be a better blogger as well as a good human being. Try to relax your mind because a relaxed mind is more productive. We should aware about this.

Few Blogger Mistakes When Starting Blogging

1. Lot’s of people try to earn money from blogging, but very rare gets success.The reason behind their success is not that they are better blogger than you but, the reason is that they are blogging not only for money but for their interest and passion what makes it all. So, don’t blog only for money. Try to develop your interest. I think it’s the important in blogging. Why? They can’t stay for a long time. Like i said before, make money from blogging is not an instant. Need a long time.

2. Lot’s of people have a lot of blogs, but doesn’t have a good updating schedule. Many of them thinking that with a lot of blogs, they can earn money. In this case, blogging is not same with mathematics. Try to develop one blog, and make sure that it have good quality.

3. Spend out a lot of money for advertising. Want to get famous? Try anything to make it come true? It’s wrong babe. It’s need time, and of course yours patience. You can use advertising program to promote and get traffic for yours blog, but not to much.  Try to get natural traffic. It’s better than advertising.

4. Wasting time. Oh, i often do this. Sometime we doesn’t have something to say, to write or to do. Blogwalking is the right solution. Find a good source, reading and finally have a good idea. But, sometime we just opening new tab each time and another and so on, and writing nothing. Or just make a plan, “I will write it tomorrow”. Like i said before, it’s happens to me many times.  “Do what you can do now, don’t wait until tomorrow.”

5. Doesn’t have a resume sheet. It’s all about PDCA (Plans, Do, Check, and Actions).  Many people doesn’t have it. They just blogging without do some analysis. Planning all of your works ( like posting schedule, marketing plans, etc. ). Do what you have been planning before. Do it with 100% right. Check for the result, and try to compare with your competitors. Analysis the gap between yours and competitors. And make some actions to achieve yours goal. It’s a circle. So, it’s never end. Remember,  improve your blogging with PDCA.

I think after reading this post you might be laughing in your mind that you  also have done the same things whether knowingly or unknowingly, but it’s always Better Late Than Never.

Do you have another mistakes in blogging? Please tell me.

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