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Blogging becomes a lifestyle for many, and it can be incorporated into daily life – such as drinking coffee or reading the newspaper. To be able to maintain a good flow of traffic, the most essential aspect or service you need or can provide on your website is – content. Communication skill is of utmost importance in any field or profession heavily dependent on content. It is your only tool. The batter to your virtual cake. Just like the saying ‘the only way into a man’s heart is through his stomach’ – writing, (or in more specifics, words) – is the only way into a reader’s textbook-shaped heart.

This brings me to my 5 secret recipes on how to improve your writing to become a better blogger:

Write Everyday (3/4 tsp)

As easy as it sounds, this is probably one of the most difficult things to accomplish in this list (much like perfecting the skill required for a consistent icing). You may argue – what about reading? Reading is supposed to improve our writing! Reading will definitely improve your communication skill, however, we all know practice makes perfect. No amount of television watching will make you Tom Cruise. Writing, even as short as a paragraph per day, will improve your writing tremendously over time. It also doubles up as a content brain-storm for your future articles (if you ever run out of ideas)!

Read Everyday (1/2 tsp)
You know this like the back of your hand. Repeated eternally by your (now senile) grandmother or high-school literature teacher. Knowing something and actually doing it is very different, like the process of thumb sucking, except this is one habit of cultivation which will do you great help in work, life, basically everything. Maybe you are already subconsciously reading everyday – what would help is preparing a specific reading material for each day’s dose. It does not have to be Sartre or Twain, as long as it keeps you reading. Articles about your niche market or what you want to write about is definitely a plus point and are potential research material for you. That’s killing two birds with one book!

Learn from The Best (1/4 tsp)
The leaders (or pro-bloggers) in your industry or niche have been blogging for years now, they have experience with writing and they have improved their skills over time. Observing how they write and picking up tips will also have a significant impact on the results you get with your own articles – as you’ll be able to develop your skills accordingly and write perfectly for your audience.

Write Your Mind (1/2 tsp)
One of the key to writing content that gets results as a blogger is by connecting to your readers’ emotions. It is not about the perfect grammar or the perfect headline; it is about portraying your true self to your readers and reminding them that you are a human being writing these articles, not a robotic auto-blog of information. The reality is that if you learn to write your mind and do it regularly (recipe #1), you will find a deeper appreciation of readers and an increase in traffic.

Feedback (1/4 tsp)
It is easy to tell ourselves that our winning is great when it isn’t, and our writing sucks, when it doesn’t. Franklin Roosevelt once said “Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds.” Delusion and one-sided perception can get in the way of our writing and the quality of our work. The best way to improve anything is to give it a run – that’s why they have crash dummies. In a less severe and violent form, thank god, writers have it easy – all we need is feedback. Ask anyone to read your article and see how it suits them. It can be comments from your readers, grammatical corrections done by your little brother, or rephrasing ideas from your mentor. Of course, don’t accept all criticisms and edit the article until it doesn’t even sound like you at all! Take it all in with a pinch of salt; we all know salt makes everything taste a fraction better.

There we have it. How we can keep readers coming back for more – known as: the second serving. Or third. Or fourth. Keep your blog full of nourishing and delicious articles for the hungry pack of wolves we love to call readers. Don’t forget the salt!

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