7 Mozilla Addons to Increase Productivity

Productivity is the key for get success in blogging. We must have update our blogs daily with nice and interactive contents. You must use your times as affective as you can. Don’t waste it even just a minute. Speed and accurate is the main factor for your productivity.

Sometime we must open a lot of tabs on Mozilla to get what we looking for make a new posts. Like using search engine to find articles or images, find a sites, and many else activity. Of course it will use more times. So, what we should do? I think it time to get productivity tools for your blogging. There are a lot of tools out there, a free and paid tools. You can try to use paid tools, if you have a lot of money. But if you doesn’t have it enough, try to use free ones.

Mozilla offer a lot of addons as productivity tools. Maybe it’s will take more time to search it on there, because there are a thousand addons. So you must selective to find them. I have used 6 addons to help me do my work. Now, i want to share it with you. Hope it can help to increase your productivity too.

6 Mozilla Addons for Increase Blogging Productivity

  1. KwiClick.
    KwiClick offers search results from your favorite sites directly to you, so there is no need to open new tabs or go back and forth between pages. KwiClick provides immediate results from popular websites including Google, YouTube, FriendFeed, Twitter, Google Maps, Flickr, Wikipedia, Amazon, Technorati, Veoh, Howcast, Live Video, Viddler, Yahoo, del.icio.us, and many more.Simply highlight any text and you’ll instantly be able to search across your favorite services using the intelligent search clover that appears above the text.
  2. SimilarWeb.

    SimilarWeb is one of Mozilla Addons that can help us find the best websites on the Internet with an easy way.
    Once Installed, the sidebar appears on the side of your screen and shows you small pictures of sites that are similar to the site you are currently viewing. It’s also have custom views.
    SimilarWeb is a great research tool which can help you find competitors, free alternatives, popular sites in your interests, and much more.
  3. Url Fixer.

    Url Fixer corrects typos in URLs that you enter in the address bar. For example, if you type bloggingtechnews.con, it will correct into bloggingtechnews.com. You will save your time for your miss typos when you looking for some web.This version will correct common misspellings of .com, .net, .org, .edu, .gov, .mil, and all other mainstream TLDs, as well as the protocol (http:, https:). By right-clicking on the address bar, you can set it to auto-correct your errors, or you can have it ask you before making any corrections.
  4. Quickdrag.

    Extends the function of the drag-and-drop mouse gesture so that it can be used to load URLs, do a web search of selected text on a page, or save an image on a page. The successor to Super DragAndGo.
  5. CoolPreviews.

    CoolPreviews will bring you preview screen of links and images without leaving your current page or tab. Just highlight any link, and a separate preview window appears to show you the content.
    CoolPreviews is brought to you by the developers of Cooliris.
  6. Screen Capture Elite.

    Bloggers love images. They need it to make their posts more attractive. So, you will love this Mozilla Firefox addons.
    Screen Capture Elite lets you copy or save any visible, complete or selected region or a webpage and save it as a jpeg or png image file. Just choose what area that you want to take and save it into your computer.

Do you have another Mozilla Addons for increase blogging productivity?

if you’ve another one, please add it to the comments below. please share it with us in the comments, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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