5 Essential Steps to Successful Blogging

Essentially, the term ‘blogging’ is pretty general. What makes it tougher (or easier – up to your discretion) is that the profession certainly did not come with a handbook of rules and regulations. Therefore we address the question we have all thought of at least once – How did successful bloggers become .. well successful?

Today, slightly more than a decade after ‘blogging’ was coined, we finally have some answers. Here are 5 essential steps to blogging that you wished you knew 10 years ago:

1) Legitimate networking

Blogging is all about growth and conversion — grow your traffic while converting it as efficiently as you can. No blog is an island — having niche friends in the world of internet marketing will definitely be benefiting in a long run.

2) Personal branding

Alfred Hitchcock’s thrillers were critically acclaimed because he was able to garner his audience’s participation in his movies. By adapting this to writing, you are able to create a voice that allows your readers to picture you in a certain way. Adding a personal story to every post would be a good method to start with. Focus on your brand and your content — they’re both important.

3) Email marketing

Highly raved about by pro-bloggers, this method could generate more than 75% of your business revenue. Be it a newsletter or updates about your blog — remember to set up your email list today!

4) Information publishing

Write a report on something important to your readers, set up a sales page, and sell it. It helps to show that you seem at least a little more of an expert in the eyes of your readers.

5) Real-world authority

Having no authority on the topic you’re writing about can affect its content. You have two legit options: become an authority by learning, or hire one. There’s nothing wrong with bringing in a real live expert if you’re not personally one – that is what they’re for anyway!

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